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I can’t believe our trip is already coming to an end. Honduras was a great stop and I’m sad that it’s already over. Our original plans for Honduras were completely changed and we ended up working with a ministry called Heart to Honduras. It’s amazing to see God’s hand at work because although we were completely in the dark about what we were doing, God was not surprised by the change of events. The ministry we worked with has a Bible college and after the students graduate they go out and start Bible studies. Once they have a big enough group, Heart to Honduras builds them a church building. They have teams from America come help them build churches and houses and repair buildings for the community. I loved working with this organization because they really care about the community and help their physical needs as well as spiritual.

Our transportation system has provided us with much entertainment. We stand (or attempt to stand) in the bed of a truck for around 45 minutes to our worksite on curvy, muddy, mountainous roads. Everyday we picked up somebody off the side of the road and gave them a ride to wherever they needed to go. One day we even had a man roll his broken motorcycle up onto the truck! I love it because even though we had an agenda, our driver was more concerned with the needs of the people than his busy schedule.

One of the churches we worked with is called La Conception and Pastor Freddie was our contact there. He is definitely the most joyful person I have ever met. The first day we went to his church he was beaming and called us his brothers and sisters in Christ. He never stopped smiling, even while we were working! Pastor Freddie probably spent more time trying to serve us and show us his village than we spent working at the church. We basically did manual labor the whole time. We painted the inside and outside of the church, leveled ground to pour cement, mixed cement, tilled a garden (much harder than it sounds), and shoveled and wheel barreled a never ending pile of dirt. God really taught me about service in this country because we couldn’t really see the fruit of our labor but just had to trust that God would use it to bless the people. Heart to Honduras really understands what God wants community to look like. They love and serve each other with compassion and help everyone in need. I want to strive to be more like them and love everyone unconditionally despite the circumstances.

This trip has been absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share in person all that God did! He has taught me and changed so much and I am so thankful for all of you for supporting me in this! Hope to see you all and talk to you soon!

God is good. Such a simple statement yet so incomprehensible. God is so vast beyond understanding. I don’t think I have ever felt the fullness of God as I do now. It is an incredible thing to experience and I simply cannot begin to describe it with mere words. Everything about our Father is beautiful. His unconditional love for His precious children. His redemption for all of us who stray from the path. His grace for all of us who fail him time and time again. His patience when we continue to try and do things our own way. His strength for our infinite weaknesses. I have never been so aware of my sin and so broken before my Savior yet at the same time overwhelmed by His sea of grace. Not to say that God does not pass judgement on my sin because He does. In Ezekiel God lashes out in righteous anger against the Israelites who had rebelled against Him once again. But what I love about this passage is that God gave His people so many opportunities to repent and come back to Him despite the fact that their hearts were turned away from Him. God is still pursuing us even when we may be running in the opposite direction! How often do we deliberately turn from God’s will and decide to make decisions based off of our own sinful desires? Let us not stray so far that God’s pursuit of us turns into righteous judgement and we are too rebellious to come back to our loving Father.
This may seem irrelevant to the trip but this is what God has been teaching me! I would love prayer for our team as we are on our way to the next country. We all need supernatural strength and energy to finish strong for the Lord!

Our time is almost up here in France but first I want to share a story with you from Africa. On Sunday we went to church with our new friends in Gulu. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. The choir was praising joyously and dancing without giving any though to whether they looked silly or not. The congregation was just as enthusiastic. People were shouting, dancing in the aisles, and jumping up and down. The Baptist side of me made me feel slightly uncomfortable but then I was reminded of the passage in 2 Samuel when David says “I’ll become even more undignified than this and I will become humiliated in my own eyes. ” Letting go of my pride and insecurities was so freeing! My friend Erin and I even joined a congo line around the church! Our Father is a God of joy and deserves every form of praise!

Though it was sad to leave Africa behind, France has been amazing! We are working with International Bible Church in Nice and St. Paul and the missionaries are awesome! ( most of them are from Texas so I expect nothing less) The testimonies of the staff working at the church are amazing yet they are all “normal” people who are being obedient to the call God has placed on their lives. When I think of full time missionaries France is not a place that pops into my mind but there is such a need for a revival here. It is spiritually dead and extremely difficult for Christians to thrive. Many people here have heard about Jesus but have been burned by the church or have misconstrued ideas of Christians so they reject the gospel. These people have everything they want at their fingertips yet they are missing the one thing they need in life! While here, we have been prayer walking around the city, handing out sandwiches to the homeless, and helping out the church with a kids camp they’re putting on next week. Please pray for these missionaries to stay encouraged in the Lord and not be brought down by the emptiness and sin around them. Pray for endurance for them to continue fighting the good fight.

I am currently sitting in an internet cafe in Gulu, Uganda! It’s crazy to be typing on a computer and looking outside at the dirt road and Africans walking by. I absolutely love it here! Driving in from the airport I just felt so peaceful and everything was beautiful. Not to mention the weather has been incredible.

We have been working with an organization called the Zion Project. They take in women who have been used as sex slaves in the Lord’s Resistance Army and restore them through Jesus Christ. Sarita, the founder, counsels the women and shows them the love of God through Bible studies and teaching them how to survive on their own. She started a jewelry business that the ladies work at to support their family. We’ve been spending a good amount of time with these women and their children and they are so beautiful. God is truly changing their lives and it has been a blessing to work with this organization.

Sarita also started an orphanage for teenage girls who have been effected by the LRA. Some of the girls at the home were sent by their mothers who are involved in prostitution. Despite all they’ve been through, these girls are full of joy and love. Many of them have come to Christ and they enjoy learning the Bible stories we have been able to teach them. My heart goes out to them because I believe the Lord has called me to work with teenage girls, especially those who have been sexually abused. My desire would be to work with the Zion Project for a longer period of time and develop a relationship with these girls and teach them more about the character of God. I love being here and seeing how powerful the Lord is. We are already leaving in a couple of days and I know my heart will break when we do.

One day we went on a prayer walk through a little hut village. We met these two ladies who were new believers and were having problems at home because of it. We encouraged them and told them to be faithful to the Lord during difficult times because He will bless them and give them all they need. It was so hard for me to tell them that because my hardest moment is nothing compared to what these people have been through. So often I take for granted my freedom in Christ and my millions of blessings in America. Even though they were new Christians, their faith strengthened mine!

God is definitely teaching me amazing things about who He is. It is so cool to experience Him in such a real way. I have learned more about myself too. Mostly things I need to work on so it’s been a little painful but I have amazing friends here with Global Journey who are extremely supportive! I can’t wait to come back and share stories and pictures with everyone!

If you want to learn more about the Zion Project (which you should) check out
The website that the jewelry is sold is

What to say about my time onion India. I’m not gonna lie it started out pretty rough. I hated the heat, the culture, the dirtiness and pretty much everything about India. I remember my second day there I told God that if He ever called me to India I would flat out say no. I know God’s plans are the best for me but I would have to pass on that one. Of course the Lord changed my mind and attitude about India but it took some work.
One day in particular was really fun because we took the kids to an amusement park. Their joy and laughter was contagious and we all had a great time! On the bus ride home two little boys fell asleep in my lap. I was soaked in sweat and miserably hot but I didn’t care. I felt an overwhelming amount of love for them and caught a tiny glimpse of God’s heart for orphans. As I was praying and looking out the window, God began to soften my heart for the people of India. They have hurts, needs, families and friends just like me. God loves them just as much as He loves me and people in America. God has the same character in India as He does in America and Hong Kong an all over the world. His love knows no bounds and can break across any barrier. Who am I to judge a whole culture I don’t even know about? God has called us to love everyone regardless of race, class, cleanliness, religion. Funny how you have to leave the country to really understand teachings of the Bible. The children of India completely changed my life and showed me what it means to depend on the Lord for everything. We came to minister to them but they taught us so much! I wish I could take each one of them home with me but unfortunately that’s not possible. Please be praying for these children to stay strong in the Lord and continue to spread His Word!

Today was only our second full day in India but it feels like it’s been a week! We are staying at an orphanage and the children are precious. The orphanage is run by Christians and the kids learn about God at school and have prayer time three times a day. I have already been inspired by the faith of these kids. Many of them have been abandoned or lost their parents and they still praise the Lord for the lives they’ve been given. One little boy, Simon, became a Christian when he was only five years old. Of course this enraged his parents because they were Hindu and they would beat him if they caught him going to church. It’s crazy that at such a young age he was able to stand strong against the culture and even his own family to follow the Lord. He is now in the orphanage because his parents died and he is one of the biggest spiritual leaders here. I can’t wait for the future of these kids. Who knows how they will impact their world around them? They are so on fire for the Lord and as dangerous as it is here, I know they will share their faith.

Everyday we play with the kids and sing songs and have Bible study time. It has been so fun being able to show these kids the love they so desperately crave. We have only known them for two days but they are already so comfortable with us and love spending time with the team. I only wish we could do more. I know that we are called to minister to orphans but how can you just play with them for a week and then leave them in the same physical condition? I was extremely overwhelmed the first day by the poverty in this country and still don’t really know what to think of it. But it is something that I can’t ignore. It is so easy to be in America and “be blind” to the rest of the world. It’s so easy to justify why I do things for other people. I don’t want to go back to my life as normal but I want to be changed. I want to make a difference in the lives around me because of Christ’s love. I don’t know what the Lord has in store for me when I get back but I don’t want to miss out on what He wants to teach me.


I don’t even know if this blog makes sense but my thoughts are all jumbled together combined with fatigue and near heat stroke 🙂 Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to share more. Be praying for these precious children of God!

I can’t believe our time in Hong Kong is coming to an end. We fly out tomorrow morning and head towards India! It has been an incredible experience here and the Lord has shown himself to me in ways I can’t describe.

Yesterday while I was going through customs I just had this strange feeling that I was going to get caught. I became extremely anxious while waiting in line and couldn’t shake the feeling. I tried thinking of something else, anything really to keep my mind off of getting my bag confiscated. Suddenly while my mind was racing about all the possibilities of what could happen I heard a still, quiet voice. “Be still”. That’s it. So simple yet so powerful. Be still and know that He is God. That He is Sovereign. That He is in control. I have nothing to fear because God goes before me and behind me and has my best interest in mind! Matthew 6:27 “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to His life?” I started praying and asked God not for safe passage or for me to get through but for His will to be done. I prayed for peace, whatever the outcome may be. God graciously granted me peace and just as quickly as it came my anxiety was gone.

I still ended up getting caught and had to give the majority of my Bibles up. Then the Lord had to deal with a new sinful emotion in me. I was angry with the customs officers for pulling me over. They are hindering the work of the Lord! I was so frustrated with them and was not following Jesus’ example of unconditional love. Despite my poor attitude, God revealed to me that these people are not they enemy. They are simply doing their job. The customs officers need the love of Christ just as much as the people receiving these Bibles. The point of this trip is to share the gospel with others so why would I treat these people any different than Jesus would? I struggled with this all day and the Lord eventually broke me down enough to pray for them (this was a hard task for me). I started by praying blessings upon them. I prayed that maybe they would be curious as to what is in this book. They catch so many people and they have to be wondering why we do this over and over again. Maybe they’ll open it up and read it to see what it’s all about. I prayed for their souls to be saved and that they would find the only way to fill their emptiness is with the love of Christ through His sacrifice. Maybe they will never come to know the Lord but I believe the Lord called me to pray for them and I have to leave the rest up to Him.

There’s so much more I would love to share but this is probably already too long. I will definitely share more when I come back! I am so humbled that God has given me this opportunity and hope that my life will never be the same. I appreciate your prayers and pray that the Lord will bless you as you are walking daily with Him!

I can’t even begin to describe to you what has been going on here. I wish you could all be here to experience what our Father is doing. Even before we set foot in a foreign country He has set up divine appointments for our team to share with others about His love and saving grace. We arrived in Hong Kong around midnight Wednesday night and the boys had an early morning Thursday packing and moving boxes full of “books”. We met for briefing and the leader explained the great need for literature in China. There are literally millions of people hungry for the Word but simply not enough books to go around. People are risking their freedom by providing these people with a book we take for granted in America.

We’ve met many people who have surrendered their lives to this work and have left the comforts of their homes and families. Their job is neither easy nor glamorous yet they do it joyfully and without complaint.

This trip has taught me to fully rely on Him for strength. There were times during a delivery where I didn’t think I could physically keep going because of the weight and the distance but I called upon my Father for strength and endurance and He came to my rescue. I can’t wait to come back and tell you all the stories of what He has done. He is so sovereign and powerful and deserves all our praise!

I am writing this post in an LA hotel room waiting to catch our flight to Hong Kong! The Lord miraculously provided me with enough money to be able to go on the full trip and even more so I can look for opportunities to financially bless people in need along the way. As much as I hated being in a place where I couldn’t change the situation or control the outcome, God showed Himself strong and that He will always provide just what I need. Of course I know this in my head but it takes experience and trust to finally realize that in my heart and be able to surrender.

We just finished training camp yesterday and I have already learned so much! God is really working in my heart and is breaking away at the fear built up inside of me. I am praying that the Lord will give me boldness to share about Him and that He will equip me with the words I need specific to each situation. I am almost giddy with excitement to begin this trip! Please pray for the safety of our team as well as the missionaries in Hong Kong as we deliver Bibles to people in this area. I know that the Lord is going to do great things in the hearts of those who will receive these Bibles and He has a Sovereign plan for their lives! Our God is not limited to anything on this earth. He is all powerful and worthy of our praise! In Jeremiah, God says over and over again “I am with you”. That statement alone should empower us to do anything we are called to do in His name! “And if our God is for us then who could ever stop us?”


Please keep our team, contact missionaries, and everyone we reach through the Lord in your prayers! Thanks in advance and I’ll blog soon about the Lord working in Hong Kong!

For the past month I have been with my parents in Ukraine as we are adopting a 16 year old boy. It has been such a trying experience but God has shown himself powerful. It seems as if every day there is a full out spiritual war and it is exhausting in all aspects of the word. But God has never left our side. He has constantly reminded us that He is in control and His ways are higher than ours. Over and over again He has lovingly proved Himself faithful. During the past two months I’ve been spending quite some time in Genesis reading about Abraham’s incredible faith. Everyday, though my faith is tested and tried, my relationship with God is stronger because of it. I am learning to rely FULLY on Him for EVERYTHING without doubting His goodness and that He will take care of me.

Recently I received an email from my trip leader, Sarah, saying I need the majority of my trip money by April 1st! I immediately resorted to my old ways and started to freak out. Brian and I are raising
the funds together and we have no where near the amount of money we need in a short 10 days. I know God knows that so I should be fine, right? My heart knows that God is in control but my head is still trying to think logically about how we will do this. There is no way we can raise that much
money so soon. But God does the impossible, doesn’t He? He’s reminded me of countless stories in the Bible where He has done something no man could fathom. Then He showed me situations in my own life where He allowed me to do things I never thought possible. He allowed me to see past
decisions and why they didn’t work out the way I had planned. There’s no way I could’ve planned where I am today or even thought it possible. And who knows what else the Lord has done in my
own life that I don’t even know about? God is God whether I see it or not, whether I understand it or
not, whether I like it or not. I truly do not see how this task ahead of me is possible but I will not stop praying for a miracle, for His will to be done and not mine. I know without a doubt that God’s power
will show through this regardless of the outcome. I am continuing to pray for faith like Abraham.
Please join with me in praying that His will be done in all things!